The Local Realty Group

A Real Estate Referral Only Agency

The Local Realty Group is an International Real Estate Referral Company and your business partner, providing you unprecedented access to more than 1,000,000,000 sales professionals in more than 10,000 real estate brokerage offices world-wide.
Your referral customers benefit from our long-term trusted partnerships with some of the most successful sales professionals in the real estate industry.

Our dedicated staff of referral associates and client relations teams are committed to providing you with the truly remarkable service that you deserve. When you submit a referral to The Local Realty Group, our client relations team will gather several pieces of information in order to connect your client with a Recommended Real Estate Professional.

To match your referral with the right associate, our client relations team will first go over their goals; Where they’re looking to buy, the type of home, price range and the type of lifestyle they’re looking for. Once these items are determined, our client relations team will recommend a REALTOR that we believe will best assist your referral. No pressure. If they don’t feel like the associate we match them with is right for them, just let your client relations manager know and we will provide another recommendation.

The Local Realty Group is a Real Estate Referral Only company and doesn’t actively engage in selling, leasing or managing real property. The mission of The Local Realty Group is to work exclusively in helping your clients or leads find the right associates and assist in conversion. If you’re looking for a real estate company that actively engages in selling, leasing or managing real property, please visit

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