real estate referrals

Sending Your Referrals To Our Team

When you are place a referral with us, you have the option to select the referral rate you will accept. A 25% referral fee is pretty standard, however, it can be more or less, depending on your agreement.


real estate Referrals

Transferring Your License to The Local Realty Group

As a Licensed Referral Associate with The Local Realty Group, you would receive the following referral fees when you refer a self-generated sale lead or client to another licensed salesperson or broker in or outside of our network.

Referral Type To Company To Associate
For referring client(s) to an Associate within Company 0% 100%
For referring client(s) to an outside Company 10% ($1,000.00 max) 90%
For referring client(s) to Company 75% (split with Agent) 25%

Annual Dues: Associate’s DON’T pay REALTOR, MLS, Administrative, or Franchise Fees and only pay $99 per year as a referral member.

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